This is a child-friendly site, and the main objective is to educate on all things relating to Africa.

ALL information on this website has been compiled from own knowledge and life experiences here in Africa, knowledge from experts, various Encyclopaedias', and other sources listed on the "Credits" page.

There are some few exceptions, the knowledge of our San / Bushmen and other African friends; safari partners, Game Rangers and Safari Guides were used for research. In the latter case we have also attempted to give credit where credit is due.


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Gateway-Africa.com is a very old site (the first original site was created in 1997), and in all cases, permission was asked in using the information.

If anyone feels he/she should be credited too, please contact us to discuss the matter. In other words, SOME of the material herein has its origins elsewhere, as we are the compiler of the data, not always the originator of all. Our family has been living in Africa from 1698, and our combined records are mind-blowing.

We do not mind you using our information for education, teaching or reference, just credit our sources, and Gateway Africa / Chrigi-in-Africa / Christian Fourie. 

Please Note: African short stories, myths and superstitions from Africa by "Chrigi-in-Africa" - Christian Fourie, are copyrighted. Publishers who wish to use my work are welcome to contact me for permission and my terms.

In order to judge the validity of the information, one must take into account the credentials, the source, the potential bias, and a host of other qualifying indicators about the purveyor. In other words, don't bet the house on any "facts" you've found while surfing (including this site), unless you double-check them with other sources. We also take no responsibility for information used from this site to cause damage to him/herself or anybody or anything else.

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