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This is a child-friendly site, and the main objective is to educate people on all things relating to Africa.

ALL information on this website has been written and compiled by Tobias and Christian Fourie, from own knowledge and work here in Africa over the past 40+ years.

Permission was ask and credit given to the information used from various subject experts, Rangers and other African specialist sources listed.

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Gateway Africa was originaly founded in 1987, and in 1997 with the arrival of Internet, became one of the very first websites created in Southern Africa. In all cases, permission was asked in using the information by Tobias and Christian Fourie.

If anyone feels he/she should be credited too, please contact us.

African tribes (People)
N.J. van Warmelo, Government Ethnologist
T. G. Fourie & C. A. Fourie @ Gateway Africa
Peoples of Namibia ISBN 1-874946-33-7 by J.S. Malan
Books/Writings of C.H.L. Hahn, H. Vedder and L. Fourie
Bethany World Prayer Centre

Christopher D. Roy
Professor of the History of Art
E100 Art Building
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242

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Many years of hard work: Tobias and Christian Fourie: "The Africa people", Namibia.

Writings and Experiences of Christian Fourie: Ex-Ranger & Safari Guide Specialist in Southern Africa: 1987 till date.

Stories, Myths and Fables

Christian Fourie: "Chrigi-in-Africa: Ranger of the San Clan". 1987 till date.

The Magic Drum: Tales from Central Africa, by W. F. P. Burton. London: Methuen & Co., 1961.
The Fire on the Mountain and Other Stories from Ethiopia and Eritrea, by Harold Courlander and Wolf Leslau, illustrations by Robert Kane. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1950.

Samantha Martin : Cape Town, Republic of South Africa
Naro and his clan, The lost world of the Bushmen, by Fritz Metzger , ISBN 99916-703-0-0

Arts & Craft Images - RR Traders - Ray Ruff

a Piece of Africa:

Fauna and Flora

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Robert C. Drewes, PhD
Department of Herpetology
California Academy of Sciences

Images of Africa
Jeanne Meintjies of Ecomarine, Namibia.
P. Vallière and Assou Sagara of SAGA Tours.
Christian & Tobias Fourie, Gateway Africa Safaris

Ingrid Visser
Danie Steyn
Lawrence. C. Green

John Watson (My favourite artist)
Famous artist and photographer who documents indigenous cultures. Born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he has long been interested in and involved with tribal people. His work has been exhibited in many galleries and universities throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Original prints available through:

G. Ray Hawkings Gallery.
300 N Crescent Heights
Los Angeles, CA
Ph (323) 655-4180
He has published two books, ETHIOPIA, a photographic study of the Omo Valley tribal people and HIMBA, the semi-nomadic cattle herders of north-western Namibia. He also has a calendar titled "Tribal Women 2001."
These books and calendar are available through:
Cultural Survival
96 Mount Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA 02138;
tel. 617-441-5413
fax 617-441-5417