If you are interested in the real Africa, her people, nature, history and any other information, do a bit of research into the manifest, diaries and writings of the "old African travellers and explorers.

These people write down what they see and experienced, with little or no political agenda, and these observations contain the uniqueness of un-bias African knowledge.

Through the 40 odd years of travelling, exploring Africa and the world, I have met a few interesting people in my life, ranging from Head of States, famous actors and actresses, Royalty, and then the odd world criminal, even a "freedom-fighter" or two! One thing they all have in common: Each one has a story to tell!

Old History

Vanishing Cultures of South Africa: Changing Customs in a Changing World.
ASIN/0847820971 by Peter Magubane

Climbing Kilimanjaro: An African Odyssey.
ASIN/0961527749 by Helen J. Bergan

Serengeti: Natural Order on the African Plain.
ASIN/0877014418 by Mitsuaki Iwago

African Calliope: A Journey to the Sudan.
ASIN/1558213708 by Edward Hoagland

Facing the Congo
ASIN/1886913447 by Jeffrey Tayler

The Healing Wisdom of Africa: Finding Life Purpose Through Nature, Ritual, and Community.
ASIN/087477991X by Malidoma Patrice Some, L. M. Some

Malamala: Pathway to an African Eden.
ASIN/0966225716 by Amanda Lumry (Photographer), Jamie Thom (Photographer)

I Dreamed of Africa
ASIN/0140287442 by Kuki Gallmann

The Banyankole: the second part of the report of the Mackie Ethnological Expedition to Central Africa [and], The Bagesu, and other tribes of the Uganda Protectorate: the third part of the report of the Mackie Ethnological Expedition to Central Africa
ASIN/0576592552 by John Roscoe

Ethnology of A-Kamba and other East African tribes
ASIN/0714616788 by C. W. Hobley

Ten years north of the Orange River; a story of everyday life and work among the South African tribes, from 1859-1869
ASIN/0714618756 by John Mackenzie

Wild Bush Tribes of Tropical Africa
ASIN/0837120292 by G. Cyril Claridge

Akan ethics: a study of the moral ideas and the moral behaviour of the Akan tribes of Ghana
ASIN/9964301235 by C. A. Ackah

The history of the Wangoni and their origin in the South African Bantu tribes
ASIN/9976670249 by Elzear Ebner

Schism and Continuity in an African Society: A Study of Ndembu Village Life (Classic Reprints in Anthropology)
ASIN/1859731104 by Victor Witter Turner

The Mande Blacksmiths: Knowledge, Power, and Art in West Africa (Traditional Arts of Africa)
ASIN/0253207983 by Patrick R. McNaughton

Being Maasai: Ethnicity & Identity in East Africa (Eastern African Studies)
ASIN/0821410458 by Thomas Spear (Editor)

"In these days of strive and conflict we so easily forget, to see the humanity in our fellow humans. To each, our life's road, seem very normal, even ordinary. Yet, to others, it might seem an adventure, a dream fulfilled. When life's road has been done, no monument or fame could capture our name that well as the loving memory in a friend's heart." : Quote by Christian Fourie "Chrigi-in-Africa".